A New Era of Rehab

1-on-1 for 1 hour

We continue to work together without getting passed from therapist to assistant or aide. Continuity of care each individual deserves. No more only recieving 15-30 minutes with your PT. Get the most out of each session for 1 hour of high quality care. 


Let us bring therapy to you tailored to your schedule. No longer a hassle of getting to therapy on time!


Dr. Miles has experienced multiple injuries including surgies which has given him a thorough understanding of the challenges that come with the process. We will make the process smooth together.


Begin PT quickly through direct access. You no longer need a referral from your MD to start. High quality treatment tailored to you will result in requiring less total sessions.


You will have direct access to Dr. Miles via email/text. Expect a quick response for any questions or concerns.

Cost Transparency

No hidden or suprise bills following your sessions. Cost is upfront prior to treatment.

Human Asymmetry

Dr. Miles is specialized in the differences between the left and right sides of the body which exists in every human.  Your entire body will be assessed to determine the correlations between body regions and the entire body will be addressed. We as humans are complex.